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Motor Vehicle Collision

A car crash can immediately change everything for the lives of victims and their families. As a personal injury law firm, we specialize in serious and catastrophic injury cases. If you have lost a loved one or sustained a serious injury as a result of another driver’s carelessness, we will help you hold that driver and owner of the vehicle responsible for their actions. We handle all types of automobile accidents, including wrongful death and serious injury lawsuits, serious bus or motorcycle accidents, accidents caused from car product defects, accidents involving pedestrians, distracted or impaired driving accidents, and accidents against governmental entities for poor roadway design or maintenance.

Offering Experienced Personal Injury Legal Counsel

Should I hire an attorney after being in a car collision?

It depends. Unless the collision was relatively minor in terms of vehicle damage and medical attention required, you will likely have a better outcome working with an experienced attorney. If you have suffered serious physical injuries, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible after a collision.

How can Salusky Law Group help after a collision?

Hiring an attorney puts someone in your corner who is familiar with California law. It is important to evaluate all potential sources of liability, which includes the other driver(s) but may also include a public agency or private property owner, depending on whether the location of the injury contained a dangerous design. It is critical to meet with a knowledgeable attorney to evaluate these issues right away as there are shorter timelines to submit a claim if a public entity shares responsibility in the injuries that you suffered.

What should I do right after a collision?

It is important to do the following after you are involved in a motor vehicle collision:

  • Take photographs of the location and position of the vehicles so that you have documentation of the conditions and point of impact.
  • Obtain the name and contact information for any witnesses as well as a statement of what they saw.
  • Exchange insurance information and driver’s license information for the other driver(s) involved.
  • Call the police to take a report.
  • Request that any video footage at the scene be preserved.
  • Take photographs of your injuries.
  • Obtain medical attention immediately from a health care professional.
  • Keep a list of all treaters and medical providers so that your attorney can negotiate any medical liens on your behalf.

Do I have to give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster?

No - When the adjuster asks to record the call, you can politely decline the recording and simply give an accounting of the basic facts of the collision. You are under no obligation to consent to a recording of the interview.

What if I cannot afford an attorney?

At Salusky Law Group, we believe that everyone deserves a high level of service and advocacy, no matter what their financial status. We handle matters on a contingency basis which means that you pay us only if we recover a verdict or settlement on your behalf.

Why Choose Salusky Law Group?

We are experienced in handling motor vehicle collision cases and determining at the outset whether or not there is additional liability based on a dangerous design of the roadway or traffic signal system. We will give you the personalized attention that you deserve and keep you regularly updated on the status of your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Information

If you were injured in a car accident, you probably have many questions:

  • How do I pay for my medical expenses?
  • Who will pay for my vehicle repairs?
  • How will I be reimbursed for continuing treatment and care if my injuries cause long-term problems?
  • How do I manage these and other expenses if I have to take time off work?
  • How can I protect my family’s future financial security if I need to quit my job altogether?

The answers can have a significant impact on your life, and that of your family.

Salusky Law Group's accident injury lawyers have a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of car accident law and the auto insurance industry, which comes from our extensive experience in handling a variety of vehicle accident cases. We provide compassionate, comprehensive customer service and skilled legal representation to our clients. Our results are a testament to our tenacity, resourcefulness and knowledge.

The actions you take and the decisions you make after a car accident can be critical to the outcome of your claim, and the amount of compensation you receive. Here are the crucial steps to take in the aftermath of a major car accident.

  • File a police report - Remain at the scene of the car accident and contact the police. When they arrive, recount your version of the circumstances so that it goes into a police report.
  • Gather and preserve evidence - gather any physical evidence and take photos and video footage at the crash scene showing the location and position of the vehicles.
  • Receive prompt medical attention - If you have been injured, it is important to accept treatment at the scene and ask to be transported to the nearest hospital or emergency room.
  • File the necessary reports with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Be careful about what you say - it is in your best interest to call your insurance company and report the details, but you should retrain from speaking with the other party's insurance companies or adjusters or defense attorneys.
  • Contact an experienced personal injury attorney - retaining the services of an experience personal injury attorney is essential.

The value or worth of your claim will depend on the nature and extent of your injuries and the degree of defendant’s negligence. Every car accident case is unique and there is no clear-cut formula to determine the worth of your case. However, here are some of the factors that influence the amount of damages you may be able to collect.

  • Vehicle damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost Income
  • Pain and Suffering
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We handle personal injury cases of all types, delivering dependable representation.

When you need to file a complaint in the event of your wage and overtime rights being violated, trust in Salusky Law Group. Call us at (562) 855-0004, or Contact Us. Our consultations are complimentary.

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We handle personal injury cases of all types, delivering dependable representation.

When you need to file a complaint in the event of your wage and overtime rights being violated, trust in Salusky Law Group. Call us at (562) 855-0004, or Contact Us. Our consultations are complimentary.

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